Come gather 'round people wherever you roam it's time to get drenched in sweat and change your body & mind.  Seeking change is one thing all us Bikram yoga lovers have in common.  In one of George Harrison's older interviews he points out that life is all about change, to make everything better and better.

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Sohot is changing. Starting off with the launch of our awesome new website, with a blog!  So many of you have been nagging me to write and now I have no excuses.

Researching into blogging I learnt I should giveaway my knowledge, be true and be myself.  So, you’ve been warned, don’t come whinging and whining if I get too close the bone.  Today I wrote a list of topics I could cover in a blog. OMG!  I'm going to dispel a lot of misperceptions around yoga, particularly Hatha yoga.

The more I immerse myself in yoga and all things healthy I am becoming increasingly aware of the amount of rubbish that's out there. The other day I heard on the radio an interesting fact: "95% of all mankind’s information was generated in the last 10 years". I wonder how much of that is total bull sh*t. The internet is great at propagating bad information; as journalistic standards have unquestionably dropped.  About 20% of the people touting their style of yoga at the recent London yoga show knew their stuff, the rest were chancers jumping on the health band wagon. I am not surprised to read press articles about how yoga can be damaging for you. Off course, if you're not being mindful, yoga can be damaging.

Bikram Hot Yoga Camel Pose

In a recent advertisement for a hot yoga workshop, run by a so called senior teacher, it pictured a previous workshop event in which people where placed in groups with one person in Camel pose and the other person behind them assisting the backbend by pushing their foot into the person back and pulling their shoulders back. When I saw that I cringed to my bones, it's a recipe for injury. It’s wrong physically, as it creates a forced compression of the spine. It installs totally the wrong mind set.  In Camel your mind should purely be on how your front (chest) is opening and expanding.  Like all backbends you should be using your strength, focusing on opening up the spine, lifting up and opening forward.  The backbend is a consequence of this action.  Never should you simply go back like that.  It’s everything yoga isn’t.  I'll go more deeply into this another day, probably in the blog titled  “The misperception around strength & flexibility” or maybe in the one the titled “There’s no such thing as a compression yoga posture” - now that’s going be interesting.

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So basically I’m saying, watch this space for some interesting, maybe controversial topics.

Namaste all you hot yoga bunnies

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Bill Thwaites