POWERFUL - 3 Step Approach to Hot Yoga

In my unique approach to Hatha Yoga, I guide students through a three-stage journey.  Each stage embracing different INTENTIONS.  The result is that students obtain an astounding insight into their body & mind.  A true mind-body connection along with incredible strength, flexibility, stamina and focus.


Most people who practice Hatha yoga never discover the true power yoga can bring to their lives, remaining stuck in a beginner’s mindset.   They become masters of being a beginner.  A bit like if you were learning to play the piano and all you had was the book “Piano for Beginners Level 1”.


When I researched wheat - I found that no one is able to digest the protein in wheat - called gluten. You’re immune system hates it. It sees it as a toxic molecule. Your body has to mix anti-bodies against it to get rid of it.


What if there was a food / fuel that we could consume that produces very little waste? A clean fuel for our bodies…

There is, it’s called fat. Really!

An ODE to Sugar

We all know sugar is bad, and that we really should not eat that first cupcake – or the second one. But did you know that it’s the sugar that blocks your ability to eat healthy food?

What Is The SoHot 30-Day Body Challenge

Just imagine–– in just 30 days you’ll be more energetic, toned, sharper, and alive ––GUARANTEED!

Join us on an eye-opening 30-day voyage of self-discovery and achieving optimum health.

Space, The Final Frontier

In the world of yoga, there are those who stress the need to take things easy, be mindful, focus on listening to your body.  Then there are those who see yoga as a demonstration of ability as if it were a Cirque Du Soleil act.  Both approaches lead to problems if you are pretty damn stiff, like me.

Half Moon Pose (1st Part) - Instructions

My mindful approach to Bikram hot yoga has proven to be particularly beneficial to those with stiff, injured and unfit bodies.    Recently I received an email asking if I would go through each of the 26 Bikram postures outlining the key steps involved to perform each pose correctly without injury.   Yes sure, why not I said. I'll add it to my To Do list. 

The Holy Grail of Bikram Yoga

If you've been practicing for a while and feel your development has come to a grinding halt,  maybe it's time to change your approach.

The whole point of Hot Yoga

I have read a lot of reviews about Bikram Yoga in which the journalist completely misses the point.  Sometimes they fail to fully comprehend the heat and that Bikram yoga is simply Hatha yoga done in a hot room.  What's more shocking is the number of times journalists don't understand why we do the same sequence every time.