Unleash Your Body Today


Unleash Your Body Today

Unlock The Power of Yoga in 3 Easy Steps

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Yoga



The LIVE ONLINE event everybody is talking about

Webinar Host: Senior Yoga Teacher Bill Thwaites

What's the point of putting in all that time and effort into your yoga practice, if your body continues to refuse to budge?

In my free LIVE webinar I outline how and why I made a radical shift to my yoga practice, that enabled me to finally get my stiff inflexible arthritic body into shape, in just 4 weeks.

You will walk away with a step-by-step guide.

I guarantee it will change everything for you.

I didn't change the postures, I Just changed my approach.

It’s all about how you engage with a posture. It's polar opposite to the standard approach to yoga. It requires completely different brain muscle firing patterns.

In the webinar I detail the science into why this approach works for everybody.

It's so effective a 10 minute yoga routine is typically all I now need.

If you apply it to a 60 or 90 minute yoga class you're world will rock!

Reserve your seat now. Spots are filling up fast!

If, like most people, you think yoga is about stretching yourself into a posture then you need to attend this FREE Webinar. Because that mindset is where the problems start.

Greater Flexibility, Strength and Awareness in just 4-Weeks