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You will never master hot yoga unless you stop eating inflammatory foods.

If you eat inflammatory foods your whole musculoskeletal system will always be under attack and your yoga practice will always be an up hill struggle.

Inflammation is connected to almost every known chronic disease — from heart disease to cancer, obesity to diabetes, autism to dementia, and even depression.

Inflammation is a direct result of what you put in your mouth.  

Over the past 10 years, nutritional science has evolved so fast that the nutritional world is hopelessly lost.

A large majority of nutritionists & doctors are loathed to contradict the outdated official guidelines.  Those nutritionists & doctors who keep abreast of the science, interpret the data in different ways and therefore are continually arguing over the best way forward.   However, they do agree on a whole range of points.

When you combine everything they all agree upon you have the core of a diet plan that we have proven will transform your whole physiology

In 2017 we took 800 people through a nutrition program designed to re-wire their dietary habits embracing all the scientifically backed principles that everyone agrees is vital for optimum health.  The results were astounding.   Within just 30 days people were reporting mind-boggling changes, both physically and mentally.  People reported massive improvements in conditions such as Arthritis; Irritable Bowel; Diabetes; Chronic Fatigue and even Depression.  Everyone was gobsmacked by the transformation of their yoga practice.

Imagine taking a yoga class with almost superhuman abilities.  Thats what it feels like when you don't eat inflammatory foods and eat more energising & vitalising foods. 

If you would like to join us on our next nutrition program register your interest TODAY. 

Launching in September

Sohot Lifestyle is the only fully integrated wellness programme harnessing the power of three symbiotic ingredients:

1) The awesome physical & mental fitness obtained from the Bikram Method of Yoga

2) The vigour & energy obtained from a RealFood HighFat AdequateProtein LowCarb diet

3) The ability of Mindful Meditation to re-wire the brain building a better vision of the future


It's a blend of the latest science and our experience producing real results over our ten years history.

Sohot Lifestyle will not just change your physical appearance, it changes & empowers your mind so that you have the physical & mental strength to achieve your life's dreams and ambitions.

Sohot Lifestyle is for people who recognise the need to establish empowering lifestyle habits combining an integrated approach to Hot Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation.


Founder Bill Thwaites



Sohot Lifestyle founder, Bill Thwaites, is an author of a up coming book called "Perfect Freedom - How to reach a new high in mental and physical health".

Its all about establishing empowering lifestyle habits combining hot yoga, nutrition and meditation that will transform your whole physiology.

The book outlines the amazing scientific advances in nutrition and the results achieved when combined with yoga and meditation.

Bill, also lays out the framework of his astonishingly unique approach to the Bikram method of hot yoga, which has proven to produce far greater results than the standard method.




FREE One-to-One Consultation

You can be anywhere in the world

Every month Bill Thwaites sets aside time for FREE One-to-One consultation helping people work out solutions to whatever is blocking their progress, whether it's specific to their hot yoga practice, nutrition or general health & fitness. 

 REGISTER TODAY and you will to get a FREE One-2-One consultation invitation.

You will also get a a FREE downloadable copy of Bill's book when it's published later this year, plus an invite to one of Bill's FREE Webinars.



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