Sohot Lifestyle founder, Bill Thwaites, is a highly regarded lifestyle coach, with over 6,000+ hour of teaching experience.   Bill's unique approach to the Bikram Method of hot yoga has helped thousands of people over come their physical and mental limitations.  Bill's unique insight often challenges established dogma helping students gain a more enriched perspective.  Bill's Sohot group of central London hot yoga studios, attracted the likes of Lady GagaBenedict Cumberbatch, Gemma Arterton, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Maxine Peake, Robert Downey Jr, ... the list is long.   With over 80,000 members through its doors the Soho studios established a vibrate active community that spanned the globe.

Today Bill has shifted his knowledge and experience online helping people worldwide

Bill guarantees his integrated approach to yoga, nutrition and meditation will transform your physiology changing your whole outlook and experience of life.   Bill helps people listen to their body, identify those negative triggers and create better lifestyle habits.  His approach is based on the latest science and his extensive experience helping people change.  With Bill's guidance typically people build greater strength; enhance flexibility; more energy; increase stamina; far more focus and clarity of mind.

"All too often people let their past define their future.  For years I convinced myself I would never be able to see my foot over my head in Standing Bow Pose because of the arthritis in my hip and spine.  Sometimes in class my arthritic pain was so bad I had to lie-down.  I can still remember when my doctor showed me my X-rays pointing just how bad the arthritis in my hip and spine was and pointing out that I must prepare myself for a life of misery and pain killers.  My arthritis was real!.... That's all I use to tell myself.  Today I say.. What arthritis?  I have no pain, my joint mobility is the best it's ever been and I have even started running again.  All I see now is a future of joy and happiness.  The concept of arthritis and pain killers is just a distant memory.  Absolutely the yoga and setting up better eating habits reversed my condition, but that would never have happened if I had continued to hold onto my past"  - BILL THWAITES