100% Genuine Bikram Hot Yoga Studio


True Bikram Heat

 Hot Yoga Hands to Feet Pose

All airborne contaminants are removed

 Happy Sohot Bikram Yoga Student

Amazing large showers with plenty of hot water and lots of elbow room.


High-tech fresh air heating system

It’s the thing we’re most proud of

  • No cheap ceiling panels here (which only heats your head).  
  • Extensive filtration system that removes pollutants from the air - Such filtration is normally only found in pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Oxygen control - automatically controlling the amount of fresh air coming in.  So we don't need to open windows which lets in dirty unfiltered air.
  • Computerised temperature and humidity ensuring perfect Bikram Yoga conditions even in winter when the outside temperature is -5ºC

Centrally located in London's  Fitzrovia (Soho) & Victoria

 True Bikram heat + Oxygen

Hypoallergenic Soft Studio Flooring

 Bikram Hot Yoga Triangle Pose

Chill out area where you can relax before and after class


A little bit more info on why we bang on about our Oxygen Control

we just love it so much

We are the only studio in the UK that controls the oxygen level within the hot room.

Our custom designed heating system continuously monitors and maintains the oxygen level within the yoga studio, enabling your body to work more effectively.

Medical studies have shown that when exercising, the human body can perform 35% better with a good supply of oxygen – burning more calories each minute you exercise. The cleaner the air, the better.

Our unique Sohot heating system ensures the air is always fully oxygenated with airborne contamination, allergens and impurities removed.

In addition both the heat & humidity within the room are maintained at precisely the correct level for optimum full body workout, never too high and never too low. We don’t have to open doors or windows to reduce the humidity because our  system maintains perfect humidity constantly.

We are continually reminded by our members, at Soho and Victoria, just how good our Sohot heating system is and why they love practising at the Sohot studios.

“Every time I come to Sohot I can work harder and go deeper into postures” – Mike Elms


 The Science

At a cellular level, your body creates energy by combining nutrients with oxygen.

Remember your school science lessons? The formula goes like this:

          Glucose + Oxygen = ATP (Energy) + Carbon dioxide

This fundamental, life-sustaining equation, highlights the incredibly important role that your lungs play.
In order for you to exercise effectively you need a steady supply of oxygen entering your blood.
It takes time for the human body to recover from oxygen exhaustion during exercise. Once it happens within a Bikram class it is very hard to complete the class strongly.

You need oxygen to exercise effectively.