We are the UK's premier hot yoga studio, attracting the likes of Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gemma Arterton, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Maxine Peake, Robert Downey Jr, ... the list is long.   But our real success story is the 75,000 members who have benefited from our knowledge and teaching of Bikram Hot Yoga.


We help everybody people transform their stiff, unfit bodies & minds.

We teach the mindful application of strength, breath, focus & stillness enhancing the power of the astonishing Bikram yoga sequence.

We teach how to attain a calm quiet mind while exploring your physical & emotional limits.

 Bikram Hot Yoga Triangle Pose

We teach how to practice safely and provide you with modifications, where necessary, that work.

 Bikram Hot Yoga Separate Leg Stretching Pose

We have not adapted the sequence or reduced the heat to make it easier.

It's not easy for a reason.

 Bikram Hot Yoga Cobra Pose

We have the most amazing knowledgeable teachers led by Yoga Master Bill Thwaites.

 Recommend By Bupa

Recommend By Bupa

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UK Active Member