Difference between

Local & CMS Online Stores


CMS : Our Client Management System is where all the real work is done, such a client information, payments, class scheduling, client bookings & visits reports, ..etc.  You are transferred to this external secure CMS website, when purchasing Monthly Membership Packages and Credit Top Up. Details below.

Local: Means within this website.  Booking into a class, viewing your visit history, purchasing "21 Day Trials"; "10 Class Packs" & "Drop-in" packages is done within this website site via a secure connection to the CMS.  Details below.


- Book in classes *

- Purchase non subscription packages

- View Account details **

  • Booking is done by clicking "Sign Up" within the Timetable pages
    Purchasing via "Prices & Shop" Page

- Purchase Monthly Memberships

- Purchase Special Membership Class Packs

- Credit Top up

- Cancelling: Cancel Anytime Monthly Membership Packages