Are you ready?


Starting September 7th

Vinyasa - Dynamic Flow

Every Thursday at 10am

A 75 minute class

Full of inversions, backbend, twists, forward bends, all capped off with a little meditation.

The class is taught in a dynamic "flow" sequence, as one pose blends into another, each movement is synchronised with the breath, making it the anchor between mind, body and movement. 

The class is suited to all levels and you will work at your own pace.

Asana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students - reinforcing the idea that we make the pose fit our body, not our body fit the pose.

Vinyasa complements the Bikram practice in so many ways, most importantly it will open new pathways of communication between mind and body.

Because of the meditation and relaxation elements, we start to learn how we can become a witness to our mind's fluctuations rather than get lost in them.

The practice will help you detach from the end result and allow you to just be present.