Unleash The Body Within

Online Bikram Method Yoga

4 Week Course


3 Step ApproacH

Gain More Strength and Flexibility-Guaranteed 

Learn from Hot Yoga Master Bill Thwaites who has over 6,000+ hours of coaching experience.

Bill's unique insight often challenges established dogma helping students gain a more enriched perspective.

His knowledge and understanding has helped transform the lives of many people with limited flexibility and musculoskeletal issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, Sports Injuries, Back Pain, and the typical health problems we all suffer from.   Bill has worked with professional dancers and athletes to up their game and ensure they don't suffer the injuries typically found within their profession.

Master Hot Yoga Bikram Method Easily - 3 Step Approach

Guiding Bikram Method students to the level beyond the beginners mindset we all initially attach too.

Guaranteed to build exceptional strength; enhance flexibility; more energy; increase stamina; enhance focus and clarity of mind.  We guarantee this no mater what limitations you believe currently hold you back.

Most people's experience of yoga starts off with an initial honeymoon period where they notice huge improvements, gradually followed by frustration and despair as their progress slows down to a crawl.  There are two main reasons for this:

  1.  When in a posture, students are unaware of the need to focus their attention on using strength to physically creating space within the joints of the body, instead they are always chasing some perfect idealised form.  No one has shown them how to physically open their body using strength, which is surprising as this is more important then depth and alignment combined.
  2. Most students remain stuck with the same Beginners Mindset, where the Mind is always micromanaging everything and holding tightly onto perceived limitations.  No one has showed them how to transition away from the mind in control to the body in control, turning off their analytical mind.

The process of transitioning, turning off the analytical mind placing the body in control, has to happen if you wish to master any physical activity such as playing the piano, dancing, running or yoga.

To transition you must know exactly WHAT to ask your body to do and WHY.

With the body in control you build incredible strength & flexibility with an amazing clarity of focus.

Unleash the Body Within online programme guides hot yoga students through the transitioning process, turning off their analytical mind.  We do this by first rewiring a better version of the postures into their muscle memory, undoing old bad patterns, embedding the act of using strength to open the body.  Then, we guide students through the process of transferring control over to their body.  Its great fun and extremely powerful.

You will discover just how intelligent your body is.

The body knows precisely which muscles to use, with a precision that the analytical mind could never figure out.

The programme sets up a regular home practice that compliments your studio hot yoga classes.

Whatever physical or mental imitations you may think holds back your yoga practice, you will discover that those thoughts are just that of a Beginner's Mind.


don't let your limitations define you

stop being an experienced beginner




  • Thinking-Doing-Being : The 3 steps of development
  • Why students cling to their Beginner's Mindset
  • How to Transition out of the Beginner's Mindset to the next level
  • Where to place your focus and the questions you need to ask yourself
  • Human Variability: Theoretical alignment vs perfect alignment
  • The Biomechanics of hot yoga
  • Posture Analysis: The what and why of each posture
  • The relationship between Strength and Flexibility
  • Hyper-mobility and how to avoid injury
  • Why so many Modifications achieve nothing 
  • The art of Listening
  • The Power of Visualisation
  • How to conquer your Monkey Mind
  • Breath control
  • The power of a Routine
  • Personalising your routines
  • Routines for travel: hotels, planes, trains & automobiles
  • Managing your relationship with the Heat
  • How to heal a sports Injury
  • How to Enhance your abilities using a daily 10 minute Meditation routine
  • Why a Real Food LCHF diet is like Rocket Fuel for your body and mind
  • How to let go of pain & tension, dizziness, shaking muscles...

transition your hot yoga to the next level

more strength; greater mobility; more energy; increased stamina; enhanced focus and clarity of mind.



Programme Delivery and Support

  • Online Academy: The programme is delivered via a weekly series of instructional videos.  Each week builds on from the previous week.
  • Webinars: Throughout the programme Bill Thwaites will be conducting several live webinars discussing topics such as:
    • "How & Why a home yoga practice of just 10 minutes daily will turbo charge a studio based practice"
    • "Overcoming the struggle of Change"
    • "How Meditation can help you observe your triggers & build a new you"
    • "How to build more strength and joint mobility"
    • "The Science behind Low-Carb-High-Fat Diet"
  • Hot Seat and Group Coaching: Conducted via the Zoom video conference platform, Bill Thwaites will be running weekly support sessions answering student's individual questions, if required giving modifications that work.
  • 1 to 1 Email Support:  If students has a question they prefer not to discuss within the group coaching session all student have access to Bill Thwaites via email.
  • Home Practice: Without action nothing happens.  The programme starts with a powerful 3 minute morning routine and each week additional postures are added building up to a 30 minute routine.  These routines rewire a better version of the posture into muscle memory and will transition to the next level.  Students need to do these daily short routines.

just 10 minutes daily


On the beach; on a plane; on a road trip; in your hotel room .... on those days when you cannot get into the hot room.


What You Will Walk Away With

At the end of this fun and exciting home study programme you will have:

  • Re-wired a better understanding of what is required in each posture into your muscle-memory.
  • A clear understanding of the transitional stages required to mastering your hot yoga practice.
  • A clear understanding of what you are asking your body to do and why.
  • Removed old bad habits.
  • Developed a regular home practice that supports your studio yoga classes.
  • A clear understanding of how to devise your own yoga routines that exactly meet your needs.
  • Started the process of embracing a better diet.
  • A clear idea as to how & why you should continue adapting to a Real Food LCHF diet.
  • A clear understand of the power a mindful meditation practice can have, helping you to observe your triggers and building a new you.
  • You will have more energy, more stamina; greater mobility; greater strength, enhanced focus and clarity of mind, for your hot yoga practice and lifestyle.