Unleash The Body Within

Online Course

For hot yoga nuts looking to master their yoga practice and lifestyle


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought 

"Wow I thought things would be different by now - I thought I would have experienced far greater results from my hot yoga training by now."

Well if you have, your not alone



A New Way

Most peoples experience of yoga starts off with an initial honeymoon period where they encounter huge improvements,  gradually followed by frustration and despair as their progress slows down to a craw.  This is because students remain stuck with a Beginners Mindset, with the mind micromanaging everything.

No one showed them how to transition away from the mind in control to the body in control, turning off the analytical mind.

This transition has to happen if you wish to master any physical activity such as yoga.

To transition you must know exactly WHAT to ask your body to do and WHY.

With the body in control you build incredible strength & flexibility with an amazing clarity of focus.

Unleash The Body Within 11 week course transitions students by first examining the basics (WHAT & WHY) of the postures and embodying this information into muscle memory, undoing any old bad habits. Then students start the transition, putting their body in control.

You will discover just how intelligent your body is.

The course sets up a regular home practice program that sits in between your studio hot yoga classes.

The minds view of "perfect alignment" will be different from the body's view of "perfect alignment".  The body's version is always 100% correct.

The body knows precisely which muscles to use, with a precision that the analytical mind could never figure out. The body is far superior.

Whatever physical or mental imitations you may think holds back your yoga practice, you will discover that those thoughts are just that of a Beginners Mind.




Your diet has a profound effect on your hot yoga. The results gained with a Real Food Low-Carb-High-Fat Diet are astounding.  Increased joint modality, enhanced endurance, more energy and far better focus. This is not surprising given the science and the astounding results achieved with a Real Food LCHF diet.

During the course we run an Intense 30 Day Nutrition Programme, supporting everyone as a group through a 30 day intense 100% devotion to building better eating habits.

We discuss the science behind a Real Food LCHF diet; the need to moderate your protein; increase the amount of above ground vegetables; why fat is like rocket fuel for your whole physiology; which fats are best; why wheat is inflammatory to your joints; cooked vs raw and many other factors that we believe need to be considering when developing a real food LCHF diet for an active lifestyle.



Once you reach a point in your yoga practice where your body is fully in control - your mind has nothing to do but observe in a state of mindful meditation.

In mindful meditation, the mind is not disconnecting from the world it's actively observing it.   Mindful meditation teaches you about you. You learn what triggers you. Such insight is a powerful tonic for your hatha / hot yoga practice.

Transitioning your practice to this final level is best done along side a regular pure mindful sitting meditation practice.

During course we also run a 10 day Introduction to Mindful Meditation Programme setting you up with a highly effective 10 minute daily practice.


At the end of this 11 week, easy to do home study course you will have:

  • A clear understanding to the transitional stages required to mastering your yoga practice.
  • A clear understanding of what you are asking your body to do and why.
  • Removed old bad habits.
  • Developed an achievable yet highly effective regular home practice that sits in between your studio hot yoga classes.
  • A clear understanding of how to devise your own yoga routines that exactly meant your needs.
  • Started the process of embracing a better diet.
  • A clear idea as to how & why you should continue adapting to a Real Food LCHF diet.
  • The cherry on the cake will be your mindful meditation helping you to focused your mind, observe your triggers and building a new you.


  • 11 Week Master Hot Yoga Program: A home study step-by-step guide to mastering Hatha / Hot yoga.  Starting of by going back to basics covering the 33 of the most common & powerful Hatha yoga postures in detail, weaving them into a home yoga practice.  The program begins with a simple 3 minute morning kick-start routine.   Then week by week we build up to a extremely powerful 10 minute foundation routine.  From there additional routines are introduced which when intertwined into the foundation routine establishes a extremely powerful and rewarding home practice.  After week 6 everything changes as we practice these same routines, this time without a Beginners Mindset, instead learning how to transition out your head and into your body, Unleashing the Body With.
  • Intense 30 Day Nutrition: Within a closed Facebook group we go through the WHAT, WHY and HOW of a Real Food Low-Carb-High-Fat diet,  helping & supporting everyone transition towards better eating habits.
  • 10 Day Introduction to mindful Mediation:  A step by step guide to mediation and how a regular practice can help you become the person your wish to be and not your old self of the past.
  • Webinars - Covering a range of topics:
    • "How & Why a home yoga practice of just 10 minutes daily will turbo charge a studio based practice"
    • "Overcoming the struggle of Change"
    • "How Meditation can help you observe your triggers & build a new you"
    • "How to build more strength and joint mobility"
    • "The Science behind Low-Carb-High-Fat Diet"
  • Guest Speakers - Experts from all over the world.
  • Hot Seat and Group Coaching - Addressing your individual needs.
  • Community Group - The power of a community is astounding, helping and supporting each other. You maybe able to help some else and likewise someone else may hold that golden nugget you've bee looking for.
  • And so much more.....

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