Hot Yoga Intense 30 Day Nutrition Online Programme



Your diet has a profound effect on your hot yoga. The results gained with a Real Food Low-Carb-High-Fat Diet are astounding.  Increased joint mobility, enhanced endurance, more energy and far better focus. This is not surprising given the science and the astounding results achieved with a Real Food LCHF diet.

Last year we ran an Intense 30 Day Nutrition Pilot transitioning students towards better eating habits.  The programme targeted the needs of hot yoga fans wishing to turbocharge their hot yoga lifestyle.  All the students where supported as a group through a 30 day intense period of change building better eating habits.

Throughout the programme we discuss the science behind a Real Food LCHF diet; the need to moderate your protein; increase the amount of above ground vegetables; why fat is like rocket fuel for your whole physiology; which fats are best; why wheat is inflammatory to your joints; cooked vs raw and many other factors that we believe need to be considered when developing a real food LCHF diet for an active lifestyle.

The results where astounding with people noticing massive improvements in their yoga as well as in their general health and wellbeing.  

We will be rolling this programme out fully towards the end of the year.

If this grabs your fancy register your interest TODAY.

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