Watch, Learn & Evolve

Get the most out of your yoga practice with our video tutorials covering the typical issues new students face especially those with zero flexibility & musculoskeletal issues.

Written and presented by hot yoga master Bill Thwaites. the Uk's most senior Hatha hot yoga teacher.


Tutorial 1 : Half Moon Pose 1st Part

Learn how we don't use our flexibility in yoga.  Discover how Hatha yoga is more about using strength to increase flexibility.

Tutorial 2 : Hatha Yoga Principles Part 1

Bill goes through a few key principles which when applied will strengthen and transform your yoga practice.

Tutorial 3 : Triangle Pose

If you struggle in triangle it may be you are simply trying to achieve the impossible.

Tutorial 4 : The Neck

Suffer from stiffness or pain in the neck?  In this tutorial Bill goes through good yoga practice that will ensure you heal any neck issues and not aggravate them.

Tutorial 5 : Standing Deep Breathing

This exercise is so much more than increasing your lung capacity.  With the right approach the typical leaning back that beginners do is naturally resolved.

Tutorial 6 : Hatha Yoga Principles Part 2

Transform your yoga practice so that you become stronger and fitter than you ever thought was possible. In this tutorial, Bill covers an essential Hatha Yoga principle.

Tutorial 7 : Tree Pose

If you have tight hips this posture can seem impossible to do.  Bill goes though a few great tips and introduces the three second release rule.

Tutorial 8 : Breath

When starting out so many people overthink their breathing.  It really is very simple.

Tutorial 9 : Eagle

Eagle seems out of the running for many people, but for no real reason.

Tutorial 10 : Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

If you're a runner with tight hamstrings, Bill's simple & effective modification will ensure you don't get in a rut with this posture.

Tutorial 11 : Standing Bow Pose

In Standing Bow if you just simply charge forward, with a Wam Bam approach, you're never going to understand the true essence of this classic Bikram posture. 

Tutorial 12 : Half Moon Back Bend & 80/20 Breathing

Don't be fooled into thinking Back Bends are about going back as far as you can.  Back Bends are about opening up the whole of your front side;  going back is only a consequential reaction to this action

Tutorial 12 : Half Moon Hands to Feet

Discover why you never want to simply push the knees back, your focus is more on lifting the hips up and the legs will then one day straighten.

Tutorial 13 : Joint Stiffness; Aches & Pains

Don't get upset if it feels like you've taken a step back. It's just your body re-knitting itself.