Heal & Strengthen with bikram Hot Yoga

Online Training


Heal & Strengthen with bikram Hot Yoga

Online Training

Are you suffering from aches & pains in the hips, knees, neck or lower back ?

Are you recovering from a sports injury ?

Is your mobility suffering due to inflammation within the joints, such as with arthritis ?


is a online course that teaches you how to intuitively open to the framework of a posture.

The science is clear, the only way to heal & strengthen the body & mind is when you focus purely on opening out within a posture.

Your use of strength is totally different to the standardised approach of trying to position your body into a posture. It's a more powerful mind & body conversation.

In a yoga class teachers are predominantly focusing on the beginners helping them fuse the underlying framework of the postures their muscle memory. This is best done by learning how to simply get INTO the various postures.

When you look at the science stretching yourself INTO a posture, like a gymnast, DOES NOT helps the body heal or become healthier.  

On the other hand, when you focus on OPENING OUT to a posture you rapidly enhance the body's natural ability to heal   & strengthen itself.   

As your body opens your alignment naturally slots into place and your flexibility, strength and awareness explode.

After completing this 4-week course, your body will automatically OPEN OUT to the framework of the postures,  immediately advancing the full health benefits of hot yoga.

It's now time to LET GO of your beginner's mindset of stretching yourself INTO things.

The true power of Bikram hot yoga only comes when you focus on applying your strength to OPEN the Body with an Aware & Calm Mind.

Getting yourself INTO a posture is a polar opposite mindset to that of OPENING OUT. 

It's a more advanced mind & body conversation.

Your studio class is unchanged - just your approach is enhanced and your results explode.

Is it time you start your next chapter?

Created by the highly acclaimed Senior Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher : Bill Thwaites

Scientifically devised

12 minute whole body yoga routine

As well as enhancing your approach to the hot yoga, you walk away with a scientifically devised 12 minute yoga routine that builds & maintains your flexibility & strength on the days you are unable to attend studio classes. This ensures you don't experience that yoyo effect when you are unable able to attend class as often as you would like.

Greater Flexibility, Strength and Awareness in just 4-Weeks