Hot yoga master, Bill Thwaites, is an author of an unpublished book called "PERFECT FREEDOM - How to reach new high in mental and physical health".   The book details a sensational approach to Bikram hot yoga and Nutrition.



The book is a miracle cure for everybody who details how the socking truth why too many people don't  some of dazzling  the horror that Bill encountered being taught my flexible teachers and

The book details how after six years of Bikram hot yoga practice Bill completely changed his whole approach away from the way had been instructed.   Within just a two months he was able to completely transform his stiff, unfit body and mind, more than he ever thought possible.   Bill's infamous Pyradm Shift workshops have been a miracle cure for many people who would have otherwise given up believing in the astonsihing benifits yoga can bring.   


.   "Most yoga workshops I attended I got to see teachers demonstrate a perfect standing Bow, which is totally inspiring, though every time I felt the teacher had no real understanding what it's like practicing with a body that refused to budge" says Bill.   Bill's remarkable approach to Bikram has given happiness to many people who would have otherwise give up practicing yoga.  In Bill's book you will discover the secrets behind his proven methods that will help guarantee results.

Bill and Elaine have identified a powerful natural synergy between yoga and a low-carb, high-fat plant based diet, especially if you are overweight and/or have stiff joints.   Nutrition runs in Bill's family.  His grandfather discovered Vitamin K; was one of the early pioneers in biochemistry and a member of the Royal Society.   Bill's Mother suffered greatly as a child with chronic Asthma and in later life was able to completely cure herself purely through nutritional means - flying in the face of the standard view that Asthma is an incurable illness.  Similarly, through a combination of nutrition & yoga, Bill cured a long-standing sports injury and arthritis which plagued him for over a decade. 


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