Welcome to the first day of the BEST of your life!

Welcome to the SoHot Body Challenge – the 30-day mind body makeover!

Today is the ‘tomorrow’ you have always talked about. Today is the day you’ve promised yourself that THIS TIME…it will be different.

AND...it is!

These next 29 days (one day at a time) will begin the permanent shift to your OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Just imagine what your body, mind and soul will feel like a month from now.

How do we know? It’s easy. A month from now you will have gone without: Sugar, wheat and gluten for a whole 30 days! 

Your mind will feel clearer and cleaner, your thinking will improve, your body will feel great and your soul will thank you for releasing the heaviness that may have plagued you for a while.

The SoHot Body Challenge begins the renewal of your energy and vibrancy and immediately sets the intention in your physical and mental being that you are serious this time!

Again – How do we know?  You are eliminating three toxic substances that have been secretly sabotaging your health for so many years.

Say, “Good-bye”, FOREVER to sugar, wheat and gluten and say, “Hello” to a healthy, conscious more alive YOU.

Today is the day. Really!

PS: If you miss starting by a day or you miss a day by accident – NO WORRIES – You are developing NEW HABITS. Keep going and get back on plan.

Simply said, “When it comes to your health – there is NO TOMORROW!”