“You’re fine. You're not gluten intolerant. Eating wheat will not cause you any harm".  That’s a load of BULL and it could be a lie that’s killing you!

Here are some of the ‘joys’ you can look forward to when your sensitivity to gluten is triggered: Depression, anxiety, brain fog, a bevy of auto-immune diseases, unexplained weight gain, migraine headaches, skin problems, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet - and - aggravation of arthritis.

One challenge is in the testing. The standards for blood testing for gluten sensitivity are non-specific. If you are ‘just below’ an arbitrary line you are deemed to be “OKAY”.   NOT TRUE!!!

One of our members was tested in Canada. She was told she is sensitive to gluten and she must stop eating wheat. She was also tested by her UK doctor and she heard the exact opposite, that she was not sensitive gluten and to carry on eating wheat. AGGH!!!

When I researched wheat - I found that no one is able to digest the protein in wheat - called gluten. You’re immune system hates it. It sees it as a toxic molecule. Your body has to mix anti-bodies against it to get rid of it.

Gluten isn't the only villain in wheat. There are other proteins that have shown to increase appetite and cause havoc with your gut wall.

Amylopectin-A is the starchy carbohydrate element of wheat. It is called a super-carb because of its ability to spike blood sugar level to insanely high levels - even higher than sugar.

All in all, wheat, barley and rye messes you up. When I removed wheat from my diet, my arthritis vanished. I had so much more energy and my yoga practice became easier yet at the same time more powerful.

Come on people, we have to lose the wheat!

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