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“It’s only ONE cupcake! Oh what the heck, I’ll start eating healthy TOMORROW!!!”

We all know sugar is bad, and that we really should not eat that first cupcake – or the second one. But did you know that it’s the sugar that blocks your ability to eat healthy food?

Sugar is a drug.

It messes with your brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control that brains’ reward and pleasure center. Just like cocaine or heroine, sugar makes the brain release too much dopamine. The brain responds by reducing the number of dopamine receptors.

So now - to get the same dopamine release, you need more sugar and if you don’t get your ‘fix’, you become irritable and moody just like a heroine addict.

With sugar in your diet, subconsciously without you realizing it, all you care about is getting your next sugar ‘high’.

The next time you are tempted to have ‘just one’ cupcake, cookie or candy bar – imagine that it is being passed to you by your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer. Really. 

What do they do to get you hooked? “Hey – the first one is on me! What harm can it do? You’re a big boy/girl – you can handle - JUST ONE!”

The body is a remarkable machine and it has built in systems to help us control our urges. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain you are eating enough food.

But with sugar in your blood, the brain is unable to sense the leptin, so you are always thinking you need to eat when you don’t, and to cap it all off, processed sugar destroys your gut wall so that the gut wall is unable to block any nasty stuff getting into your blood stream.

This gives rise to autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and thyroid problems.

It is said that 50% of the population have undiagnosed thyroid problem. If your thyroid is not working correctly, you will never ever achieve your correct weight, no matter what diet you’re on.

“I’ll start tomorrow”, is a common cry for those who are ‘hooked’ on sugar. We continually postpone our dreams of healthy eating until – you guessed it – TOMORROW!

As the famous movie line says, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

A famous song refutes that argument with its title: “Tomorrow never comes!

We have good news – YOUR TOMORROW HAS ARRIVED!


It only takes 30 days to change your taste buds, to change your desires to NOT want sugar.

If all you do with the SoHot Body Challenge is to lose your dependency on sugar, you are a winner.

If you know someone else who could benefit from this challenge – ask them to sign up with you before we kick off on the first of May.

We look forward to sharing the SoHot Body Challenge with you.