Just imagine–– in just 30 days you’ll be more energetic, toned, sharper, and alive ––GUARANTEED!

Join us on an eye-opening 30-day voyage of self-discovery and achieving optimum health.

The top ten nutrition books of 2016 come from different angles. Healing your brain, fixing your thyroid, restoring your microbiome.

Whatever the angle, they all boil down to the same points - cut out sugar, cut out processed foods, cut out wheat, eat real foods, and increase the amount of good quality fats.

Launching on May 1st, for 30 days, no sugar, no wheat, no processed foods. If you feel you’re up for more hard-core challenge, cut out all grains and dairy. During this challenge, I will go for the science, such as ‘Why fat is the best fuel for your body?’, ‘Why sugar messes with your brain?’.


For now, start preparing your kitchen by throwing out all the processed foods. You have to start reading food labels, if it’s processed or contains sugar, bin it, do not buy it. Find out where the nearest farmer’s market is. I’ll put a link somewhere below to help you with that. Buy a load of paraben-free food containers. You’re not going to be eating anywhere for lunchtime anymore, only cooked real food, home-cooked.

You might want to weigh yourself and measure yourself, and even take a picture for your own record. It’s going to be amazing. Remember to sign-up before the first of May.

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We will journey through this together and you will learn why you need to nourish and support the 100 trillion microorganisms living inside you. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you!

Join the SoHot 30-Day Body Challenge Today - Join this Facebook Group for FREE ACCESS