10 Day Introduction to Mindful Meditation Online Programme



Once you have transitioned your hot yoga to the point where your body is fully in control - your mind has nothing to do but observe in a state of pure open monitoring mindful meditation.

In mindful meditation, the mind is not disconnecting from the world it's actively observing it.   Mindful meditation teaches you about you. You learn what triggers you.  Such insight is a powerful tonic for your hot yoga practice.  This is the holy grail of hot yoga.

Transitioning your practice to this final level is best done along side a mindful sitting meditation practice.

Our 10 day Introduction to Mindful Meditation Programme will setting you up with a highly effective 10 minute daily practice.

Researchers have identified two main categories of meditation techniques, classified according to EEG measurements and the type of cognitive processing or mental activity involved: Controlled Focus and Open Monitoring.

Controlled Focus involves attempts to control or direct the mind.  Attention is focused on an object of meditation—such as one’s breath, an idea or image, or an emotion. Brain waves recorded during these practices are typically in the gamma frequency (20-50 Hz).

Open Monitoring: These mindfulness type practices, involve watching or actively paying attention to experiences—without judging, reacting or holding on. Open monitoring gives rise to frontal theta (4-8 Hz), an EEG pattern commonly seen during memory tasks or reflection on mental concepts.

Many guided meditations utilise a combination off both techniques, typical starting of with a open monitoring meditation, observing the breath, and then shifting to a more controlled focus such as visualisation.

Mindful Meditation forms the grounding from which to explore other styles of meditation.  Once you have established a Mindful Meditation practice, not only will you notice benefits in your hot yoga, you will be able to easily explore combining visualisation techniques.

This program start later this year.